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Santa Day Miracle 2013

At 4 o’clock it looked pretty dismal at Warrimoo Oval. One family had appeared at the swings but there weren’t many punters and there was a lot of space around and about.

Suddenly a ‘Woop-Woo’ signalled the arrival of Warrimoo RFS’s shiny red Tanker and Santa himself. Within minutes the fire crew had dismounted and bright faced kids appeared out of nowhere.

Santa ensconced himself in the big red ‘Santa’ chair under some shade and the kids lined up. The Warrimoo Firies got their drinks, sausage sandwiches and WCA ‘Thank yous’ and the activities began to happen.

A game of cricket evolved on the Oval, footballs were kicked, sausages and onions sizzled and picnic blankets rolled out. Claire Tilden arrived with a bowl of delicious cold watermelon and Liz Hale set up the Face-painting stall.

The ‘Moo Choir gathered and sang eleven beautiful carols, culminating in ‘Aussie Jingle Bells’. They were fantastic, as always, and were enthusiastically led by choir director Suzanne Langford.

As families settled into pockets of conversation Mike Legoff set up the Hockey goalposts and entertained us all till the sausage sizzle ran out and visitors began to drift off.

Amazingly, while it had been a stinking hot day in Warrimoo and the ‘Mountains generally, here at Warrimoo Oval a beautiful cool breeze had continued to waft over us throughout all proceedings and as the evening approached. A real ‘Santa Day’ miracle.

Big thanks go to Warrimoo RFS for donating sausages and drinks (and bringing Santa), Joanna Schofield for free posters, Steve Campbell for the Santa Chair, President Lachlan Davis for setting up and manning the B-B-Q and Jenny Wahlen for doing the same, Graham Drew and Jan Martin for donating the ice, the ‘Moo Choir and Suzanne Langford, Liz Hale for a magnificent job with Face-painting, and Mike Legoff for sweating it out on the Hockey field.

Well done everyone. Another WCA triumph!