Santa Day Builds 2014

The traditional ‘Santa Day’ held at Warrimoo Oval proved to be another cheerful community introduction to Christmas for our kids. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles/fireworks/big crowds of other events, but it does have a lovely relaxed atmosphere and provides the opportunity for us all to connect with neighbours, and give some credit to those who sustain our lovely township.

The man of the moment…Santa of course! After the RFS tanker had toured the streets of Warrimoo on December 13th, it was actually mobbed and created a traffic jam at the entry to the Oval Gate, so much so that Santa was obliged to dismount the big sled/tanker and jump on his back-up RFS jeep to arrive at the special Santa Throne near the clubhouse. The assembled kids gave a stirling three cheers for Santa and settled into some serious negotiations about Present-Distribution on Xmas Day.

Waiting their turn… Shortly the Moo Choir, always enthusiastically directed by Suzanne Langford, sang a comprehensive range of Carols for all to join in. Their repertoire included the by-now infamous rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’, delivered with a revolutionary interpretation that reliably brings audiences to their feet. We are always grateful for the Moo Choir’s contribution–both choristers and firies received free sausage sandwiches for their efforts.

The Moo Choir at Santa Day 2014 WCA Executive members Lachlan Davis, Ron Andrews, Steve Barratt and a nice chap called ‘Kaz’, all worked like beavers to keep the sausages and cold drinks ticking over.

Hard workers at the barbie The Jumping Castle provided by the Warrimoo Playgroup and ably organised by Nerida Taylor, proved to be a big hit with the young’uns and kept them bouncing all afternoon. This will almost certainly be a regular feature of ‘Santa Days’ in future years.

Loads of fun from the jumping castle Parents sat on blankets and enjoyed the conviviality while others kicked some footballs on the Oval. Local member Roza Sage dropped by, as did BMCC Mayor Mark Greenhill and partner Lara, with their own family in tow. Most Warrimoo identities were part of the show, including former WCA President Allan Bewley and his wife Lorraine.

Santa’s Warrimoo firetruck Local hard-worker Clare Tilden set up the prizes and mingled with the gathered Warrimooians to sell a host of RFS raffle tickets for the Warrimoo Brigade–well done Clare!

And thanks must go to Dave Hart and the Lower Blue Mountains Rugby League footballers who so graciously shared the grounds with us on the day–this augurs well for future cooperation between all groups throughout the community for 2015. Have a prosperous year, everyone!”