‘Robyn’s Nest’

Sometimes a community gets a real character that strengthens its social fabric. Warrimoo is lucky to have one such person: Robyn Kirkland, the proprietor of ‘Robyn’s Nest’.

Robyn was once a ballet dancer with the Australian Ballet Company. She met Nuruyev and Helpmann and all those stars but she had a yearning to teach dance, which she has done at the ‘Robyn Kirkland School of Ballet’ at Castle Hill for the past 40 years.

Yet teaching classical ballet to aspiring young dancers bears a heavy responsibility. The work is arduous and expectations are great, and for the most part Robyn fulfils them, but some years ago she sought a ‘tree change’ and another challenge to supplement her life.

Thus was born ‘Robyn’s Nest’, that quaint little yellow box with the repainted garages filled with gifts, antiques and ‘collectables’. For the first six and a half years the shop struggled to break even, but she persisted. She learned much of her trade when she worked for an antique dealer in Windsor many years ago, and her sharp and selective aesthetic taste helped her acquire so many ‘just right’ items to sell.

Robyn is a big fan of ‘Antiques Roadshow’ but she still admits to selling many ‘collectables’ that were probably worth more—her philosophical response is simple: “You don’t have to be greedy to be a success.” For the past 3 years ‘Robyn’s Nest’ has made a modest profit and its owner’s life has been made vibrant and convivial.

Recently ‘Robyn’s Nest’ has had a make-over. An attractive back yard with garden items has sprouted behind the shop, Blinky Bill’s ‘Mrs. Magpie’ has made an appearance near the garages, and her signs have been refreshed. Business on the weekends is brisk.

Robyn and Warrimoo? “I just love it here,” she says, “its such a diverse community and so many different people come in and have a chat. It’s not unusual for three or four locals to drop in for an afternoon debrief over a nice Pinot Grigio…paradise.”

If you need to get a gift for a very difficult recipient – someone who already ‘has everything’ – a gift that is unique, not mass produced, not too expensive, and just a little bit special, well, you know where to go first.