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Madness at WCA Meeting

A bout of crazy euphoria swept through the April 8th, 2013, meeting of the Warrimoo Citizens Association last night, when the financial situation of the organization was turned on its head!

The Treasurer had just bemoaned the state of the Association's balance sheet and the need for greater effort on the Fundraising front when Deputy Mayor (and Warrimoo resident) Mark Greenhill piped up and volunteered $200 for our account! This money comes from a special allocation to the Deputy Mayor for 'community groups'.

After the applause had died down Mark then said, "Wait a minute! The Mayor (Daniel Myles) also has a similar fund! Maybe he'd like to contribute." And so a call was put through to the Mayor.

Within minutes Daniel Myles had phoned back to announce a contribution to Warrimoo Citizens Association of $250! And the cheers rang out.

Not to be outdone, Warrimoo Elder and famous Bridge identity, Allan Bewley, then pledged $250 from the "Geebung Nursery"! What was happening here? The meeting was going insane!

But it was a happy madness. The WCA account was now $700 richer and far more capable of promoting 'Warrimoo Week' and the local community than it had been some 30 minutes earlier…

Mark Greenhill, Daniel Myles, Allan Bewley…