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Local marriage

Saturday saw the marriage of ex-Dmf Emporium Barrista and well-known Warrimoo identity Denise Hill to Barry Neaton—a celebrity extravaganza if ever there was one!

Denise and Barry were married on the grounds of the Cottees’ beautiful garden in Florabella Street, and a fine crowd of well-wishers were in attendance to see the happy couple take their vows.

Denise was radiant, Barry looked very dapper and Denise’s son Cameron smiled happily for the cameras, along with ‘Scrappy’ the pet dog, who sought a significant amount of attention.

The setting among a sea of Frisias with the sun setting on the horizon on a magnificently clear afternoon, couldn’t have been more romantic.

Now in wedlock, Denise and Barry Neaton adjourned to the Warrimoo School Hall for their A-List Reception. The Hall had been decked so beautifully they could have stepped into a euphoric dream.

Warrimoo Citizens Association, indeed the whole community, wishes you the very best in your future love, Barry and Denise.

Pictures of this magical event can be found in the Gallery.