Handover of historic highway signs

At the handover of the historic highway signs to Warrimoo Public School’s Principal, Mr. Michael Kitchin, on Thursday 6th December 2013.

Mr. Lachlan Davis of the WCA said:

“The Warrimoo Citizens Association believes the 1988 bi-centenary signs erected on the Great Western Highway, signifying our township, are historic and worth saving for future generations.

They bring together two concepts: the two hundred years of European settlement and the Aboriginal name of our community, ‘Warrimoo’, which means ‘Place of the Eagle’, a symbol which exists on the badge of our beautiful local school.

Warrimoo Sign

The signs proudly display the logo of Blue Mountains City Council, which at the time was a pair of crimson rosellas. BMCC was most cooperative in saving the signs from recycling and passing them on to the Citizens Association so that they could be presented to the school. Messrs. Darryl McGovern, Damien Drew and Deputy Mayor Mark Greenhill deserve special mention for their assistance in providing the signs.

Our village name, its elevation above sea level, 273 metres, and the image of a soaring eagle before a mountain backdrop, all serve to give the signage a special meaning for students at Warrimoo P.S. We trust the signs will be displayed in a prominent part of the school in the near future.

The Warrimoo Citizens Association regards the children of our community as precious. We want them to be safe, happy and proud of their local home, a modestly built community in the midst of a wild, natural piece of vibrant Australian bushland.

As a gesture of civic pride, we therefore hand over these signs to the Principal, staff and students of our wonderful local school, Warrimoo Public.”

Highway signs erected at Warrimoo Public School

Warrimoo Sign

Highway signs donated by WCA to Warrimoo Public have been erected near the Southern entrance to the school. Congratulations to the Principal, Mr. Michael Kitchin, for following through with this significant historical gesture to our community. Congratulations to all at the school, it looks great.

Why not pop around to the school, have a look, and pat Michael on the back.

Well done, Warrimooians!”

Warrimoo Sign