Warrimoo Bush Fire Brigade – (The “BFB”)

While fire fighting is a major activity of the brigade, other equally important, less physically demanding roles include assisting in fund raising, operating radios, maintaining the fire station and other administrative duties. The Brigade has a hazard reductions programme to provide protection to Warrimoo.

We are actively involved in community engagement raising resident’s awareness of the bushfire threat and encouraging them decide, before the commencement of the bushfire season, if they will stay and defend their house or to leave early to consider their circumstances in deciding  plan how they will react to  in not only advising  All volunteers gain worthwhile skills from top quality training and hands on practice. Our volunteers range in age from 16 to over 80 years; so age is no barrier. Anyone who wants to help out is encouraged to call us.

A gallery of photos is now available.

When and Where

We meet at 8pm on the 1st Friday of the month at the fire station, 3 Eley Hawkins Drive , Warrimoo. Come along to discuss how we can help you to protect our community. You can also check out our latest news and events at the Warrimoo Bushfire Brigade Facebook page.