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Warrimoo cheers explorers

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Between 50 and 100 well-wishers gathered outside the Seventh Day Adventist Church last Monday, 13th May, to wish the Bicentenary Crossing Party well on their re-enactment of the famous 1813 journey of Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson.

Ancestors of the original explorers were due to pass through the township of Warrimoo at around 9.30 am. on exactly the same day as their forebears exactly 200 years earlier: May 13th. Warrimoo Citizens Association had organized a presentation to take place as the party went by the church grounds in Terrymont Road.

WCA presents explorers with memorial sashesThe WCA's Mr. Lachlan Davis, presented the 'Explorers' with memorial sashes to mark the Bicentenary

Many in the cheerfully disposed group of Warrimooians, including the youngsters, wore traditional colonial clothing, and they looked a treat in preparation for the celebrity guests.

President of the Warrimoo Citizens Association, Mr. Lachlan Davis, presented the ‘Explorers’ with memorial sashes to mark the Bicentenary. They were then invited to cut ‘Warrimoo’s Crossing Cake’ and partake of tea and scones.

Explorers enjoy tea and cake

Mr. Davis warmly welcomed the party, and spoke of Warrimoo’s proud connection with Australian history: “If you look carefully at the concrete Highway partitions opposite Warrimoo shops, you will see the impression of the three famous explorers on horseback as they made their way through the bush here at Warrimoo. These designs would not have happened had the Citizens Association not insisted they be completed as a condition of the Highway’s widening,” he said.

Long-term residents and ‘Elders’ of Warrimoo were proudly in attendance: Mr. Allen Bewley—well-known ex-president of WCA, and his wife, Lorraine; Mr. Steve Barratt, President of Warrimoo Bushfire Brigade; Mr. Tony Montgomery, ex-treasurer of the Association, Mrs. Trish Mungoven, stalwart of many institutions in the township, as well as Barry and Jan Welland, two celebrity figures from previous years.

Ancestors of the original explorersAncestors of the original explorers

The ‘Explorers’, their three dogs and packhorses, as well as their Darug/Gundangarra guide, servants and assistants, were given three rousing cheers as they resumed their journey, on their way to Springwood and their encampment at Norman Lindsay’s Gallery grounds. The three ancestors of Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson returned that afternoon to speak to students at Warrimoo PS, still wearing their sashes.

Women dressed in traditional costumes

A cameraman travelling with the party, later confided that this was the best reception the Crossing Party had yet received, and congratulated the people of Warrimoo for their good natured enthusiasm in receiving them.

Big thanks should go in particular to Clare Tilden, Secretary Kate Klein, as well as the other Wonderful Women of Warrimoo who did so much to publicise the event by distributing our Newsletter and then dressing up so beautifully…well done, Warrimoo! A big success!

A photo gallery is now available.

Crossing update

Last week’s edition of the ‘Gazette’ had a photograph of the three intrepid explorers entering the Hydro-Majestic Hotel, still wearing their (Warrimoo Citizens Association) sashes! Something to be proud of, citizens!

Crossing update: 2

Again, this time at Mt. York, the three explorers attended a function to finalise their Crossing. Five hundred people, apparently, were in attendance. The explorers each wore their sashes, again. On each sash, is the reminder of the role of ‘Warrimoo Citizens Association’ and our logo. Three cheers for Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson!