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Election Day 2015

Election fever hits Warrimoo every now and then. This time it was the State election with local Liberal incumbent, Warrimoo resident Roza Sage, seeking re-election under the Baird government’s urging to privatise electricity ‘Poles and Wires’.

The Citizens Hall becomes a focus of political contest

There was a special buzz in the air early because this was Roza’s ‘Home Booth’, so to speak. Party teams were up at 6.30am to get prime position for corflutes and posters around the booth.

Sue Brand, also Treasurer of the Tennis Court Committee, hands out for the Greens.

Roza herself was there to hand out ‘How to Votes’ at the outset, and the Warrimoo PS parents were nearby to set up the school’s traditional ‘Sausage Sizzle’ tent, complete with lashings of cakes and cold drinks for needy voters and booth workers.

The Warrimoo PS Sausage Sizzle was, as always, a great focus of activity

The political atmosphere at Warrimoo Booth is always cheerful and cooperative. Competing viewpoints jostle and chat and share the space, and good natured Warrimooians wander through the gauntlet in a graceful and tolerant way.

Lisa Jeffreys (ALP), Steven Vella (Shooters and Fishers), and Cedric Milner (Liberal) hand out 'How to Votes' in the cheerful spirit of the Warrimoo Booth

The usual contestants were there in force: the Libs with Roza at the helm, the ALP with Mayor Mark Greenhill (another Warrimoo resident) to the fore, the Greens of course, and just for variety, a ‘Shooters and Fishers’ Party rep, Steven Vella.

Come sundown of a beautiful Autumn day, the tide had ebbed, the crowd dispersed, and the Polling Station closed for counting…

Counting Results for the Warrimoo Booth

Primary (‘1’) Votes:
Trish DOYLE --ALP………..405 (42.8%)
Alandra TASIR--GRN………159 (16.8%)
Mark HARRISON-IND………26 (2.7%)
Roza SAGE---LIB…………...315 (33.3%)
Tony PIPER---CDP…………..28 (2.9%)
Gianna MAIRONA—NLT…...12 (1.2%)

Two Party Preferred:
After notional distribution of preferences the two main candidates received:
Trish DOYLE—ALP…………538 (60.9%)
Roza SAGE---LIB…………….344 (39.1%)

The Warrimoo Booth has often been seen as a ‘Fortress’ of ALP loyalty and a foundation for Greens growth…this result confirms such an hypothesis. Congratulations to Trish Doyle, new MLA for the Blue Mountains. Commiserations to Roza Sage.

Citizens of Warrimoo doing what they know best, helping out.