Christine Stickley Excels at Easter Show, 2015

Local Warrimoo resident, Christine Stickley, has won the ‘Standard of Excellence’ prize at the Royal Easter Show for her beautiful mosaic artwork entries in the Arts and Crafts Exhibition building.

Christine is part of a growing wave of interest in the creation of Mosaic Art in the Blue Mountains, with Caitlin Hughes of Hughes Studio teaching classes for a dedicated group of adults and children at the Springwood Community Arts Centre.

Here the sound of cutting of smalti or vitreous glass tesserae can be heard above the conversation on Mondays. Mosaic offers such an exciting art pursuit as the medium used can be quite diverse, allowing for unique expression by each person.

Mayor Mark Greenhill congratulates Christine

Every year, Caitlin encourages her students to enter the Royal Easter Show, in the Arts and Crafts Competition, which is always very popular for show goers.

Blue Mountains residents from Hughes Studio featured well in the mosaic awards in this year’s Show. In the Free Standing Mosaic Section, the first prize was awarded to Christine Stickley for a jewel-like sculptural pear which was also awarded, at the judge’s discretion, a prize for ‘Standard of Excellence’.

Award-winning work, Love is in the Pear

The award-winning work, Love is in the Pear

Christine was ecstatic after receiving the award: “It was a real honour to receive the Standard of Excellence award and to have my work placed in the cabinet with all the magnificent work there. I felt as though it was also honouring my ancestors, on both sides of my family, who are and were artists and artisans; my father, Warren Stickley, of Glenbrook, who is an artist, his father who was a drawer, my mum’s Dad who was a fine cabinetmaker and carpenter, and her family going back to the 1700’s who were weavers of fine woollen cloth from the Cotswolds.”

Christine Stickley in the Easter Show arts and crafts pavilion

Chrstine Stickley and partner Ross Bridle

Christine received a prize sponsored by Smalti Australia, of Glenbrook. In the Wall Hanging Mosaic section, Vicky Bush of Springwood was awarded second prize for her glowing undulating “Sultans Scarf” and Christine gained third prize for a small work depicting her garden. April Keogh and Lisa-Jane Taylor also exhibited their mosaic pieces.

Christine and partner, Dr Ross Bridle, are popular locals and are often seen strolling the streets of Warrimoo, so give them a ‘Hello’ and ‘Congratulations!’ when you next see them pass by.