The Moo Choir

The Moo Choir is always keen for new members. We meet on Monday nights at 7.30pm in the WARRIMOO PUBLIC SCHOOL HALL. Anyone who has ever sung in the shower is welcome. We are a community choir directed by Suzanne Langford, who is simply fantastic. We sing for our own enjoyment, collective inspiration, to improve our voices and for some public events eg. Warrimoo's Santa Day and the Blackheath Choir Festival.

Wow! Moo Choir singing with African Children

A 250 plus audience at Lighthouse Theatre witnessed one of the entertainment highlights of the season when Moo Choir teamed up with the touring African Children's Choir to present an evening to remember on Friday 22nd May.

The Moo Choir opened the proceedings

Appearing as the support act for the African Children's Choir was a privilege too good to miss, and the Moo Choir grasped their opportunity when they opened proceedings with a beautiful rendition of 'Sing Up', a simple but powerful number alluding to Indigenous peoples’ ability to ‘call up’ a land that is loved.

Moo Choir displayed a full range of musicianship by performing a concise but varied playlist of Beatles, Billy Joel, ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Rhythm and Beat’ and rounded off with ‘May it Be’ from ‘Lord of the Rings’…

The African Children's Choir

Central to the show were the African children themselves. They were simply brilliant, and completely won over the audience with their vocal harmonies, dynamic movement and calm selfless grace. They mixed a variety of gospel, anthem, traditional dance steps and thumping African rhythms to provide a beautifully balanced night of joyous entertainment.

The African Children's Choir drummers

Ranging in age from 7 to 10, the children come from a number of African countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa. All have been touched by the loss of loved ones and constricting poverty. They attend a fine school in Uganda and pay for their education by touring the world with their message of promise and optimism.

Over 50,000 African students have passed through the school since 1984 and have gained a worthy education and satisfying employment as a result.

Every dollar raised on tour goes towards the project: quality education to provide evidence of Africa’s potential. Thus the children and their entourage travel light and stay in billeted accommodation—even their food is supplied by well-wishers. In this case, true to form, members of the ‘Moo Choir supplied delicious casseroles, meatballs, salads and pastas for our guests’ evening meal.

The African Children's Choir

After dinner clean-up and the performance, other Moo Choir members sold items at the Children’s merchandise table, dealing with a busy trade into the late evening.

Grand Finale of the concert was a stirring rendition of ‘Moving On’ sung by both the Children and Moo Choir, complete with actions led by our beloved Director, Suzanne Langford. It was indeed a moving experience for all involved.

The African Children's Choir with the Moo Choir finale

Moo Choir Recital 2013

The Moo ChoirView a gallery of the Moo Choir perfromance on 25th August 2013

This was no ordinary choral recital. On Sunday last (25th August) the increasingly notorious 'Moo Choir joined with the spirited Warrimoo Drummers and Julia Jacklin to provide some sparkling entertainment and a bit of 'Moo'vin and Groov'in on a carefree sunny afternoon.

The event was organised by the Warrimoo Citizens Association to bring a taste of the talent within the community out in the open, to be enjoyed by the wider community. WCA President, Lachlan Davis, opened proceedings and welcomed the 100+ crowd who'd gathered in the School Hall.

Led by John May, the Warrimoo Drummers pounded away at African Rhythms and delighted friends, relatives and strangers alike. They never fail to show enthusiasm in their performances and this was no exception--their act was greeted with rapturous applause.

To the call of 'Freedom is Coming!' the Drummers were joined by the 'Moo Choir, who delivered their main set with panache. Dressed in bright oranges and reds and yellows, they sang a series of hits from the sixties such as the Beatles 'In My Life' as well as 'Love is in the Air', 'Tracks of my Tears' and 'Time' after Time', each with their own unique arrangements.

Special Choir guest, Tom Bridges, had a hand in the beautiful arrangement of 'Teach Your Children Well', which hit a special chord with an appreciative audience of children, parents and grandparents. There was a lovely 'cross-generational' feeling to the whole event, and the Choir played a large part in bringing hearts together emotionally. They were given a rousing reception, especially after the audience joined in for a few verses of 'Yonder Come Day' under the encouragement of 'Moo Choir Director, Suzanne Langfield.

Julia Jacklin then showed why she is an emerging talent from the 'Mountains. Her haunting, imaginative lyrics, sensitive guitar playing and sweet lilting voice demonstrated why her folk song melodies are gaining a swelling number of listeners in Sydney and further afield. She is one very talented folk songstress, and she entertained with calm professionalism.

Special thanks should go to the vast team of WCA helpers who contributed their time and skills to the event: Lachlan Davis as MC, Kate Klein, Lucy Carmel (and partner George who helped out with the chairs), Jenny Wahlen on the Door, Di Samuelson, Robin Totenhofer, Clare Tilden in the Canteen and of course Joanna Schofield who did so much of the 'Nuts and Bolts' organisation leading up to, during and after, the event, including a lovely floral tribute at the end for the key performers.