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Mayor Opens 'Possum Park'

BMCC Mayor Mark Greenhill formally opened the small but popular 'Possum Park' in Warrimoo recently, as a gesture of thanks to those in the community who had struggled for its creation a decade ago.

A determined group of Warrimoo citizens led by local identity Diane Lubimowski, had lobbied Council to convert a vacant section of Anglican church land into recreational space, since the southern part of Warrimoo sorely needed parkland for the many young families who lived there.

In the end a park was created, complete with play equipment and a monumental Greater Glider at its front for children to climb. The park became known as 'Possum Park' because of its predominant feature and so was formally christened thus at a ceremony organised by the Warrimoo Citizens Association.

Local residents who had played their part in gaining this valued asset of the community were rewarded with a 'Certificate of Appreciation' by Warrimoo Citizens Association President, Lachlan Davis.

Mayor Greenhill made special mention of the role played by retired Councillor Angelique Henson in so effectively representing her local constituents, and it was she who jointly unveiled the beautiful redwood sign standing proudly at the front of 'Possum Park'.

WCA President Davis surmised that "neighbours who go out of their way to improve the lives and amenity of others create good communities, and Warrimoo is a great community that deserves to be celebrated."

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