George and Lucy, Cross Street

We’ve just settled in Warrimoo and have inherited a garden that was created and nurtured over many years by former long time residents Graham and Margaret. With a couple of small children, in time we'll probably add a vegetable garden, a fruit tree and some chooks. For now though, we love our backyard as it is!

01. This Cross Street garden has the seasonal beauty of this magnificent Liquidamber 'in change' in front.
02. To enter, step past this delicate marble fountain, just the right size
03. The view looking back to Cross St.
04. At the rear, there is a cottage-studio-workshop
05. Again, there is  drama in the contrast of children's architecture and monumental nature well as places designed for reflection and peace

07. All around, there is lawn and sculptured rock ledge..
08. ...sprinkled with some planted 'colour'
09. ..adorned with writhing Angophora
10, The steps descend easily into Long Angle Gully
11.A Bower Bird has erected its bower right next to the steps
12. ...and the adventurer looks back over their shoulder, to the home so poignantly placed.

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