Gardens - 8 Florabella Street

“We are not natural gardeners, but we love the peace and quiet of our shady garden. It fits in with the friendliness of Warrimoo and it’s a great place to host guests.”

01.  The front of number 8 is shady and inviting
02. A startling bright red flowering gum strikes the eye--there are quite a few of these in Warrimoo
03. A charming Federation style gateway frames the entrance
04. Out back, a free-standing 'Studio' is used to entertain and create
05. The 'Studio' has a simple charm, and a beautiful cut-glass window
06. On one side, a soaring gum supplies local birds

07. On the other, a row of Agapanthus and a shady maple set off a striking hexagonal window
08. Host Val McCrae stands beneath a flat wide patio and the cool shade tree--the perfect place to relax with friends

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