Gardens - 63 Cross Street

“This garden provides many options for privacy while blending man-made and natural elements. It gives me a beautiful doorway to the bush of Warrimoo and the walk to Fitzgeralds Creek.”—Lachlan Davis

01. Number 63 is identified by a stunning monumental Spruce in the front
02. A charming lined path leads to the Front Door
03. A rustic pump along the way
04. And an inviting Bird Bath and Buffalo lawn opposite
05. It is appropriate we commence our series at the garden of WCA President, Lachlan Davis
06. The back yard has space and depth, but it is a normal sized block

07. The garden is sculpted amid rock and lush vegetation
08. Organic fishponds have been carved out of rock
09. The exotic garden draws you effortlessly toward native bushland
10. And our noble President heads off for his 20 minute bush stroll to Fitzgeralds Creek

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