Gardens - 24 Arthur Street

Mrs Cath Robinson (resident of 53 years): “I like to spend time in my garden. I find peace there and see harmony in the colours of the flowers and trees, and watching the birds enjoying it. Warrimoo, my home for many years, encourages one to enjoy nature as we are surrounded by lush bushland.”

01. The front is signified with modest driveway and verge...
02. ...And two magnificent Grevilleas...
03. ...Both are fantastic bird attractors
04. View from Cath's front porch
05. Pot plants line the porch
06. This delightful pot arrangement greets you at the front door

07. Roadway acts as a path to the backyard. Foliage is varied and vibrant
08. Relax in the shade amid leaf and floral beauty
09. The backyard is bordered by flowers, shrubs, bromilliads
10. There is a Magic Tree
12. A clothesline framed by a Golden Ash
13. A large bay window gives comfortable views of the garden

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