14 The Boulevarde

Nerida and David Taylor: “Our Front Yard is our ‘Kitchen Garden’. We love this Warrimoo soil and just add worms. We’re aiming for a purely native garden for our back aspect.”

01. An amazing acacia fronts this garden-- passers-by cannot resist touching it.
02. This is a steep block, but it is well suited to tiered vegie gardening
03. There are beans...
04. Juicy yellow capsicums...
05. ...And native foods as well as exotics, like this pomegranate
06. Looking back up the slope, you can appreciate the care and effort made to nurture the plants and put healthy food on the table.

07. Out back, there is further radical descent and statuesque rock shelves
08. An enclosed area for children and pets.
09. What a spot to hang out the clothes! A magical mix of Aussie icon and Aussie bush...
10. Tiered balconies look out upon newly planted native vegetation.

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