104 Rickard Road—John and Doreen Hollis—Residents of 55 years

“We can’t maintain it as we’d like any more. When we came to Warrimoo we bought this double block for 365 Pounds. We wanted space that you couldn’t get in the city, all cramped up. We wanted room for everything: lots of plants, shrubs, fruit trees, veggies, chooks, and a tropical atmosphere. Doreen loves the Treeferns and the Bromilliads. We stored all our own water for those long drought periods.”—John Hollis

01. 104 Rickard Road has an overwhelmingly 'green' impact
02. At the front it is dominated by this massive gum.
03. The fibro frontage is a modest and appealing 'Warrimoo Green' with an abundance of red flowering Bromilliads
04. The side is accessed via a gate and a tree of juicy lemons grows nearby...
05. ...and Maidenhair fern grows wildly as a carpet
06. As you arrive in the backyard you see a neat B-B-Q shed dwarfed by a spectacular Chinese Pistachio in 'change'

07. John's loyal old Labrador joins us for a while
08. The view beyond the B-B-Q is intriguing...
09. The centrepiece is this flourishing Macadamia tree...
10...complete with nuts underneath.
11. Ferns frame the whole garden, giving it a cool, moist feeling.
12. Doreen loves tropical lushness--staghorns and treeferns abound.

13. There is a kind of Rainforest 'canopy' above.
14. All capped off by a delightfully rustic, home-made Bird-Feeder-- note the old garbage bin lid!

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