Denise Hill and barry Neaton Marriage

Saturday saw the marriage of ex-Dmf Emporium Barrista and well-known Warrimoo identity Denise Hill to Barry Neaton—a celebrity extravaganza if ever there was one!

1. The Cottees' Front Yard--scene of Denise and Barry's ceremony.
2. Warrimoo School Hall, done up beautifully for the Reception.
3. The 'Mr' and 'Mrs' prepared to perfection.
4. Guests gathered to witness one of Warrimoo's more glamorous betrothals.
5. They take their vows.
6. The Wedding Party pose amid a sea of Frisias.

7. Another shot of the radiant couple--Denise's son, Cameron, stands to her right, along with 'Scrappy'y
8. A final glimpse of the happy couple prior to the Reception--notice the setting sun in the background. Perfect!

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